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Llamasoft and its long history of games.
New: Archive page for TxK, the new game for the PS Vita!

The current Llamasoft Archive of old game files can be found here
Whilst the games on this archive are free, here's the Llamasoft Donation page:
The money goes direct to Yak & Giles, to help support them in creating more games. :-)

There's also the Llamasoft shop, for T-shirts, mugs, etc:

The archive game files are hosted on DropBox. If you want your own file storage on DropBox,
Click here to get 2Gb free (and I get some extra MB of storage free too :-) )
The old Llamasoft Magicnet web site files can be found here.
Some of the links shown on the pages won't work now,
so don't complain to me about them please. :-]


What is Llamasoft?

 The best explanation is from Yak himself, Jeff Minter:

I founded Llamasoft in 1982 and quickly established a reputation for producing games rich in originality, adrenaline-pumping action, quirky humour and digital ungulates. Over the years Llamasoft has released over 30 games on nearly 20 platforms, garnering plenty of awards along the way as well as a loyal community of fans - The Llamasofties.

After nearly a quarter of a century developing distinctive and addictive entertainment software, Llamasoft isn't slowing down - in fact the best is yet to come. If you're a fan of retina searing visuals, precision-balanced gameplay and the occasional ovine utterance then stand by your beast - there's more on the way...

You can find out more about Llamasoft's journey in the on-going Llamasoft History series.
For more information about the creative talents, read the introductions to
Jeff Minter and Ivan Zorzin.

The Llamasoft Forums is home to the ever growing community that is the Llamasoft Forums.
It's one of the most creative and friendly forums on the web,
so for all the latest from the furry world that is Llamasoft, gamble over to the next field and join in the fun....

Anyway - welcome to the world of Llamasoft.  :-)
We hope you'll like what we do. And if you do, spread the word.   :-)
  ( :- ) - Yak

PVB says:
Yak also created the music player "lightsynth"
Neon for the Xbox 360, has created games for iOS devices (iPhone, Touch and iPad) known as the Minotaur Project games; Minotaur Rescue, Minotron, DeflexGoatUp, Caverns of Minos and Gridrunner.
Llamasoft's latest game is TxK, released on PS Vita on Feb 11th 2014.
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