Voidrunner C16 screenshot

Released on; Commodore C16 in 1986, C64, MSX and Sinclair Spectrum in 1987.

Text taken from this page at Moby Games web site:

Gameplay is similar to Gridrunner. Like in Centipede, the enemies move in a pattern down the screen and the player have to shoot them before they reach the ship. There’s also the zapper, a vertically moving line, that occasionally pulses. If the player ship is on the same line when this happen, it will die.

New in Voidrunner is that you don’t just have one ship, but four. In early levels the ships will move around in a cluster. Later in the game some of your ships will have inverted motion. Some of these formations will have the ships shooting in different directions. Handy when you have enemies coming in from behind.

Voidrunner C16 screenshot Voidrunner C16 screenshot

Voidrunner C64 screenshot Voidrunner C64 screenshot

Voidrunner MSX screenshot Voidrunner MSX screenshot

Voidrunner Spectrum screenshot Voidrunner Spectrum screenshot

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