Star Fire

Star Fire Pet screenshot

Released on the Commodore Pet in 1980.

Not a commercial release, it was one of Jeff Minter’s first ever computer programs.  }:-)

See this thread on for more details.

Star Fire Pet screenshot Star Fire Pet screenshot

Commodore Pet Download 

(WinVICE emulator snapshot file, courtesy of venusian and istar in this thread on  

To run: 1) Start xpet from WinVICE.  2) From menus: Settings->PET model settings choose PET 2001-8N. *Do not change the memory size.*  3) From menus: Settings->Save current settings.  4) To be sure, quit and restart xpet, check that it’s retained 2001-8N.  5) From menus: Snapshot->Load snapshot image choose as linked above. Screen changes to say “ENTER LENGTH (1,2,3)”.  6) From menus: Settings->Load saved settings. Nothing appears to happen. This is okay but it undoes the keyboard futzing that happens on snapshot load.  7) Press 1, 2 or 3 *on the numeric keypad* to start the chaos, or it you’re on a lappy or compact keyboard like me, put numlock on and use the pseudo numeric keypad. When you get back to the restart screen and it wants you to press run/stop, the Esc key works for me.

Numeric pad to move, with 5 to fire.