Space Zap

Space Zap VIC-20 screenshot

Released on; VIC-20 in 1982.

Many thanks to Marko Mäkelä, the maintainer of the 8-bit Commodore file archive at FUNET, who made a compressed version of the Space Zap intro and game for this Archive.
These, as well as a more compact tape image, are now available from here.

Blast the invading ships. Controls: N=rotate left, M=rotate right, SHIFT=fire, CTRL=super zapper. 

Loading instructions from Lester M Fong of

Load from the .tap, then press Enter to go through the instructions, and at the end of the intro press L, then the llama will appear and another 50 seconds’ worth of data will load from the tape. You can’t use just the .prgs to load the game successfully, because there’s other stuff on the tape (eg. a character set that’s loaded at $1C00 when you run the intro).

Space Zap VIC-20 screenshot Space Zap VIC-20 screenshot

VIC-20 Download