Sheep In Space

Sheep In Space C64 screenshot

Take control of a fluffy sheep flying in the space between two planets, firing Bonios of Doom at your various assailants, who are hell-bent on the destruction of your home…

Released on; Commodore C64 in 1984.

Like Llamasoft’s 1984 release “Ancipital”, the game makes use of multiple gravitational fields – there is a landscape across the bottom of the screen as per a normal shoot ’em up, but also an inverted one across the top. If the player is in the centre of the screen, the projectiles the sheep fires fly straight. Getting closer to the land at the top or the bottom of the screen will cause the projectiles to curve up or down respectively, allowing the shooting of aliens close to the surface. Proximity to the upper and lower surfaces also affects movement speed which becomes slower when near either surface.

Sheep In Space C64 screenshot Sheep In Space C64 screenshot

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