Rox II

Rox II VIC-20 screenshot

Released on; VIC-20 in 1981.

Text taken from this page on the Llamasoft blog:

To kick off here’s one which predates Llamasoft itself.

This is “Rox II” (I am not sure if there was ever a Rox I – probably not, I suspect I just added the number to sound cool). Certainly it’s hard to imagine an even more primitive predecessor. I do remember me and my dad playing this quite a lot in the December of 1981. It’s not even graced with any UDGs and is just made out of stock Vic 20 “graphics characters”.

And this post on

Remember Rox III? For 8K Vic, right?

Well, about that “III”… it originally started as a 3.5K game that me and my Dad played during Christmas of 1981. The unexpanded version had no fancy redefined chars or aught, and was just made with Vic characters, and the “deltoid” wave and hi-score tables and stuff didn’t exist.

Rox II VIC-20 screenshot Rox II VIC-20 screenshot

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