Psychedelia C16 screenshot

Released on; Commodore VIC-20, C16, C64, Sinclair Spectrum, MSX and Amstrad CPC 464 in 1984-1985.

(Converted to the MSX and Spectrum by Simon Freeman)

Text taken from this page on the Llamasoft web site:

I think this had been trying to come into existence for a while; I’d had odd thoughts about dynamic interactive pattern generators before, but never actually sat down to write any code. Then one day I was out running and an [algorithm] just appeared unbidden in my head. I still remember the exact bit of road I was on when it happened }:-). It was a simple algorithm, just seeding patterns along a path; the patterns were to expand and change shape and colour over time. I got back from my run and coded up the algo – it fit in about 1K of 6502 assembler code. I ran the code and a white cursor appeared on the screen. I picked up the joystick, moved the cursor, and pressed down the fire button.

In that instant my life changed.  }:-)

Psychedelia VIC-20 screenshot Psychedelia VIC-20 screenshot

Psychedelia C16 screenshot Psychedelia C16 screenshot

Psychedelia C64 screenshot Psychedelia C64 screenshot

Psychedelia Spectrum screenshot Psychedelia Spectrum screenshot

Psychedelia MSX screenshot Psychedelia MSX screenshot

Psychedelia Amstrad screenshot Psychedelia Amstrad screenshot

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