Metagalactic Llamas Battle At The Edge Of Time

Metagalactic Llamas C64 screenshot

Released on; Sinclair Spectrum, Commodore VIC-20, C64, Amiga and PC between 1983 and 1987.

Text taken from this page on the Llamasoft web site:

Possibly the most stupidly-named game of all time. Actually not a baa-d little shooter with an innovative control method which allowed the player to deflect shots in flight by manipulating a force field.

Metagalactic Llamas Spectrum screenshot Metagalactic Llamas Spectrum screenshot

Metagalactic Llamas VIC-20 screenshot Metagalactic Llamas VIC-20 screenshot

Metagalactic Llamas C64 screenshot Metagalactic Llamas C64 screenshot

Metagalactic Llamas Amiga screenshot Metagalactic Llamas Amiga screenshot

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