Iridis Alpha

Iridis Alpha C64 screenshot

Released on; Commodore C64 in 1986.

Text taken from the Llamasoft web site:

Complex scrolly shooter involving twin planet surfaces that scrolled in opposite directions, a main character that could transform between walking and flying modes, and warp gates that allowed access to higher game levels as the player progressed.

Iridis Alpha C64 screenshot Iridis Alpha C64 screenshot

Iridis Alpha scanned manual (jpgs)

Iridis Alpha typed manual (html) created by Lester M Fong on

C64 Download

Hokuto Force “+6DH 101% version” C64 Download 

Most cracked versions up until now have contained a bug which would crash the game on bonus stage 4 under certain conditions.

Hokuto Force have fixed the bug for this release and also fixed the game for NTSC machines, as well as some very handy training modes, a high score saver and of course fantastic documentation.