Compunet Demos

DNA C64 screenshot

Released on; Commodore C64 in 1984-1985.

Llamasoft titles; DNA, Made In France 2, Syncro, Syncro 2, Torus, Torus 2.

Lester M. Fong (of says:
Made In France 2 and Synchro are both mini-game/tech-demo type things for the C64 that Yak distributed on Compunet or on magazine cover-tapes, or something like that…
Made In France 2 is a 2-player Breakout thingamajig, and Syncro is a goat synchronisation game which bears some similarities to one of the sub-games in Batalyx.
Update from Lester:
“I found out that in MIF2 you can make the computer take control of the bottom bat by pressing ‘A’, so you can play it as a 1 player game!”

From Wikipedia: Compunet was a U.K. based interactive service provider, catering primarily for the Commodore 64 but later for the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST. It was also known by its users as CNet. Compunet hosted a wide range of content, and users were permitted to create their own sections within which they could upload their own graphics, articles and software.  It ran from 1984 before closing down in May 1993.

Compunet demo screenshot Compunet demo screenshot

DNA screenshot DNA screenshot

Made In France 2 screenshot Made In France 2 screenshot

Syncro screenshot Syncro screenshot

Syncro 2 screenshot Syncro 2 screenshot

Torus screenshot Torus screenshot

Torus 2 screenshot Torus 2 screenshot

Compunet Demos Download. (This is the whole group of demos from Compunet, which includes some of the demos listed on this page, but others as well. Not all of these were done by Jeff Minter though.)

DNA Download

Made In France 2 Download

Syncro Download


The text from the original Syncro type-in article (thanks to merman at


Scan of the explanatory diagram from the Syncro article (thanks to merman at

Syncro 2 Download

Torus Download

Torus 2 Download


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