Colourspace BBC screenshot

Released on; Atari 8 bit and BBC Micro in 1985.

Text taken from this page on the Llamasoft web site:

This was the next major evolution of the lightsynth. The Atari machine had a much more extensive palette than the Commodore machines, plus you could make all kinds of interesting screen modes using the Display List Interrupt system, so it seemed like a natural machine to develop a next-generation lightsynth on. I still used the same basic algorithm as Psychedelia, but introduced a lot more colour variation, and colour cycling… (continued on Llamasoft web site)

Colourspace screenshot Colourspace screenshot

Colourspace screenshot Colourspace screenshot

Atari 8 bit Disk Download

Atari 8 bit Cassette Download

Big fluffy hugs to @RetroGamesUltra on Twitter for creating the .CAS file. }:-)

His blog post about it:

BBC Micro Download

Many thanks to Llamasoftie ‘Ragnorak’ of for the creation of the BBC Micro disk image!

He says:

“Just load it into an emulator or actual beeb and type *RUN CSP