Attack of the Mutant Camels

Released on; Atari 8 bit, Commodore C64, PC, Konix Multi-system (as AotMC 1989) between 1983 and 1989.

Defender-esque game with giant camels.

The idea for it originated from the Empire Strikes Back videogame, as the AT-ATs looked like camels. }:-)

I was reworking this for the Konix Multi System, but we all know what happened to that thing. :-]

Huge thanks from all of the Archive staff to Mark Campbell for the Konix info and files. }:-)

For all Konix info, including updates to the emulator, go here:

Attack of the Mutant Camels ’89 Konix source code
and assembler now available on GitHub for anyone
to have a play with – Kindly donated by Jeff Minter!

More on the Konix AotMC 1989 here:

AotMC screenshot AotMC screenshot AotMC screenshot

Atari 8 bit Download

C64 Download

PC Download

Konix files Download

You’ll need to install OPEN AL first to hear the audio.
You can download and unzip Open AL and all of the emulator files here:

Then take one of the rom files (such as AMC’89) from the zip file above and either load the emulator by dropping the rom file onto it to open the emulator with that file, OR from the command line load the emulator by typing slipstream camels.p88 (for example).
Check the readme files for details.