All The Things!

This page will contain a list of all the Llamasoft stuff in the archive across all systems, with a link to the archive page about that game. It’s meant as a sort of quick reference sort of thing… 

Amstrad CPC


Atari 2600

Beast Invaders.

Atari 8 bit computers

Attack of the Mutant Camels, Matrix (AotMC in USA), Colourspace, Gridrunner, Gridrunner 2, Hover Bovver, Revenge of the Mutant Camels 2.

BBC Micro


Commodore C16

Gridrunner, Hellgate, Laserzone, Matrix, Psychedelia, Voidrunner.

Commodore C64

Ancipital, Attack of the Mutant Camels, Advance of the Mega Camels, Matrix (AotMC in USA), Batalyx, Gridrunner, Hellgate, Hover Bovver, Iridis Alpha, Laserzone, Mama Llama, Matrix, Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time, Psychedelia, Revenge of the Mutant Camels, Return of the Mutant Camels (Revenge 2), Rox 64, Sheep in Space, Voidrunner, Yak’s Progress, C64 Demo Programs.

Commodore Pet

Star Fire.

Commodore VIC-20

3D LabyrinthAbductor, Andes Attack, Blitzkrieg, Defenda, Deflex V, Gridrunner, Hellgate, Headbanger’s Heaven, Laserzone, Matrix, Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time, Micro Breakout, Potshot, Psychedelia, Rat Man, Rox II, Rox III, Space Zap, A Text Thing, Traxx, Video Security Program, Other Compilations.

Konix Multi-system

Attack of the Mutant Camels 1989


Ms Pacman clone.

Microsoft MSX

Psychedelia, Voidrunner.


Attack of the Mutant Camels, Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time, Llamatron, Revenge of the Mutant Camels, Tempest 2000 (demo), Rox (a remake by Mark Rayson), Gridrunner++ (Full game for XP onwards), Galyaksians.

Sinclair Spectrum

City Bomb, Gridrunner, Headbanger’s Heaven, Laserzone, Matrix, Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time, Psychedelia, Rox III, Super Deflex, Traxx, Voidrunner.

Sinclair ZX81

3D3D, Centipede clone.